Cork City Gaol
The Cork City Gaol in Cork, Ireland was built in the early 1800's to replace the old gaol which was becoming overcrowded and unhygenic. It is a wonderful piece of Georgian/Gothic architecture, with a number of particularly pleasant and unusual features - in fact, from the outside, it looks more like a castle than a purpose built prison. The classical proportions of the building feature Gothic details such as turreted battlements and dripstones. History is history and we like to have a good time so here's a fun pano of my brother posing (repeatedly) in the front lawn of the gaol.
The Burren
Portions of Ireland used to be covered by glaciers. As the glaciers receded, the topsoil was stripped away in the process, revealing limestone buried underneath. Limestone happens to be very susceptible to erosion by water and once it was revealed, water began carving grykes, or cracks, into the stone. There’s not enough soil remaining for anything short of grasses to grow, so barren rock is the only landscape feature visible as far as the eye can see.
Caherconnell Stone Fort
Caherconnell is a celtic ring fort in County Clare, Ireland. Ring forts like these are thought to have been inhabited from 500-1500 A.D. This fort was likely used for defensive purposes, not defensive in a military sense, but rather for personal security from raiders or wild animals which were among the most common foes at the time. The walls, constructed using the readily available limestone from the Burren, are 12 feet thick and up to 16 feet tall. This view sits us just outside the fort (which today protects just a patch of empty grass) and lets us look out over the surrounding landscape.
Jungfraujoch, Switzerland
Jungfrau, the tallest mountain in the Bernese Alps, rises to a peak of 3471 meters, or over 2 miles. Between the mountains of Jungfrau and Mönch lies the mountain pass Jungfraujoch. Jungfrau's summit can be reached by way of a specialized climbing train that literally claws its way up a tunnel within the mountain. Periodically along the way, the train makes a short stop to treat its passengers to grand vistas such as this.
Smoky Mountain Overlook
The Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which sits along the border between Tennessee and North Carolina, gets its name from the fog which permeates the region. The park's many pull-outs provide drivers with mountain views galore.
Turner Field Sunset
Turner Field is home to the Atlanta Braves. Just south of the heart of downtown, this stadium seats 50,000 fans who travel far and wide to enjoy viewing a game of America's favorite pastime.