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This Blog is Moving!
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This Blog is Moving! »

After about a solid 5 years of faithful service, this blog is being retired. With the growing desire to have one single post filled with multiple pictures, videos, and interspersed with text, I'm moving from this photoblog software (pixelpost) to a more powerful, capable, and automated program called WordPress.

In any event, future posts will now be displayed at www.ArielBravy.com/travel. Thank you so much for coming along the ride with me these past few years and now I invite you to come join me as we take the next step to even greater experiences.

See you there! :)


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Ariel Navigating on a Mountain with Map and CompassReading and Navigating with Topo MapFairy Festival on Pearl Street in Boulder, COPearl Street in the SpringThis Blog is Moving!

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