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Fireworks over the Magic Kingdom, Disneyworld
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Fireworks over the Magic Kingdom, Disneyworld »

After Worlds I spent a few days at Disney. I went to Epcot, Animal Kingdom, the Magic Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios, all 4 of the main parks. We wanted to do one of the water parks, but it didn't work out that way with our passes.

Epcot was sweet. It's made up of two parts: a futuristic half and an international half. The future stuff is always fun, and I love the international stuff too, obviously. My favorite country by FAR was Morocco. For some reason, I just really jived with it, so much so that I even picked up a Fez hat. I look pretty good in it too. :) The dinner I had in Morocco was one of the most delicious meals I had in a LONG time. It was some sweet meat with couscous.

When passing my compliments to the chef after the meal, I remarked to the Moroccan waiter that even though the food is so good, they must be used to it since they have it all the time. He agreed, saying that to them, the new interesting food was actually our fast food. haha

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