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Pink at Piedmont Park
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Pink at Piedmont Park »

This is the same girl from the last shot.

As the light kept dropping and we were getting the last bit of blue out of the sky, we kept shooting so long as we could still focus. The modeling light on my flash wound up being surprisingly handy! I'd simply press the depth of field preview button, firing a second long pulse of light from my flashhead, giving me enough focus to quickly lock focus and fire off a series of shots without refocusing. Sweet.

The 50 was also wide enough to show the skyline in the background (which was kinda the point of this shoot) as well as fast enough to allow me to shoot in low light without having to crank up the ISO too high on the 1D, a camera which doesn't have the best high ISO capabilities.

The flash leads to a sort of spotlighting effect on the foreground with shadows falling off to the side of her legs. It'd be cool to do something like this with a set of strobes for sweeter light without so many of the shadows. Actually, one girl tried that using an optical trigger for her speedlight. Yeah, not a good idea when you have several dozen photographers also firing off flashes for their shots. She quickly took down that ensemble... :p

2 things I want to point out about this shot.

1) She's wearing sunglasses. It's mostly for the look, not because it's bright outside. In fact, she probably couldn't see anything through them. Not only because it was dark, but also because of the practically seizure inducing array of camera flashes popping in her face. On second thought, the sunglasses probably helped.

2) The placement of her head in the frame. Getting where I was sitting for this shot was a little tough because it was prime real estate and several of us knew it. It was a fitting place to rest her head between the two buildings, plus it allowed for enough buildings to show up across the frame to fill up the rest of the skyline in the background. I know there were 2 or 3 other photographers behind me and in front of me also shooting from this angle, just from a slightly higher or lower angle.

Now you know!

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