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May 7, 2010 | Category: California, Oceans, Travel

Snapping some pics before our first taping together

Snapping some pics before our first TV show taping together

So why am I in this town in the first place? Well in the previous post I briefly mentioned that I randomly met a woman on twitter who was creating her own spiritual TV show. She explained that she couldn’t sleep one evening and hopped on the computer. I had posted a video on youtube and youtube automatically posted it into my twitter feed. She happened to be up and saw the video, it totally resonated with her, she shot me a message, we were shortly on the phone and spoke for about two hours going back and forth as to what the both of us were doing. It turns out  I was a perfect fit to be the host for her new show, and while I’m not supposed to go into the details of the show itself too much quiiite yet, it’s basically a show devoted to spirituality, travel, and enlightenment! Woohoo!! Me likey!

We’ve been shooting for a few weeks now and this photo was taken while setting up and playing around before our very first shoot together. On the left with the other iPhone is Jacquelyn, the other co-host. In the middle is Kelly, the show’s creator. On the right is Vince, our video guy. In the bottom right hand corner is a white reflector to shine light back into our faces with some black fabric to dim down the lighting. It was bright! and had me squinting.. heh. The video camera in the picture is the secondary one we used for side shots, my handheld HD camcorder with a mic on top. The main camera was off to the right of this image. Jacquelyn and I were both hooked up with wireless mics which is what we’ve continued to do throughout the rest of the shooting and interviews we’ve been conducting. Very very cool to be going through this process!

It’s amazing what you discover about speaking, how much or how little movement you should make when speaking, eye contact, breathing, memorizing lines, speaking from your heart, being natural, the difference between acting a part and being yourself, and a whole slew of other things.

There’s also a lot of TV and movie stuff going on here. It’s not too uncommon to see cameras around or recognize places that you’ve seen in TV shows or on the big screen. Being here with actors around and seeing the places that “you only see in movies,” it brings the whole Hollywood thing down to earth.

My Car Gets Totalled

How long was I gonna be in LA? Well, I figured a little while to work on the show, but the universe helped me see that I’d be staying here for a little while longer. You see, on just my third day here in Los Angeles, I was sitting in stop-and-go traffic on the highway, basically at a stand-still, when I get rear-ended from behind. WHAM!

My car getting totalled on the highway

My car getting totalled on the highway

I’ve never been in an accident before. In fact, my driving has actually become quite conservative over the last few months. Long story short with this incident, I’m not sure exactly what happened with the lady behind me, but she hit me really hard, crunching up the back of my car and shattering the rear window. I got pushed forward into the next car who hit the car in front of them. 4 cars involved total. The cops on the scene discovered that she didn’t even hit the brakes. (You can tell because when you slam on the brakes, the front of the car dips down, and the marks on the back of my bumper from the front of her car were level.) Not sure what she was doing right before she crashed into me, but she was driving one of those old school metal beasts of a car, a Buick or Oldsmobile or something (don’t feel like going through the paperwork to look it up), and it was a pretty intense impact. Fortunately I was pretty much okay. Some whiplash and minor banged up stuff which healed really quickly. A little soreness a few days afterwards. The lady in front of me had to be taken out in an ambulance. She had just had surgery and the accident aggravated her recovery process. The guy in front of her was okay, fortunately. The woman behind me was physically alright, but really shaken up as you might expect.

So for the past month thanks to the accident, I’ve been driving around in a rental car paid for by the insurance company, a 2010 Toyota Camry, the 13 year younger sibling to my 1997 Toyota Camry.

2010 Toyota Camry

2010 Toyota Camry

(The thing hanging in the windshield is there to mark which campsite I’m at.)

Now even though they’re both Camry’s, the two cars are worlds apart. Completely and utterly different cars, yet for some reason they both say Camry, probably because they’re in the same class. Much to my surprise I actually like the ’97 Camry better. Not just that I’m used to it, but the seats are softer, I prefer its handling and gas mileage, its body shape and cargo capacity, and so on. Really gives me a sense of appreciation for my older car. The changes to the new car like body shape, remote clicky thing to lock and unlock the doors, ability to change the radio stations on the steering wheel, and so on. These don’t really make a big difference, and it’s cool to discover this for myself. I don’t need a really luxurious car to be honest.

Hanging Out at Marina del Rey

I have a friend who used to live in this area called Marina del Rey, and I remember looking at the area from time to time on Google Maps and thinking to myself, “I wanna go there.”

Well, after the car accident, I looked for a massage place in Google and the first place I’d called up turned out to be a chiropractor’s office, and it was right next to the marina! So I’ve been going there the past few weeks, typically in the mornings, and have had wonderful opportunities to walk along the waterfront, enjoying the view of the boats, of the area I had only previously seen on Google Maps. 🙂

View Larger Map

Looking at the map, you’ll see LAX near the bottom, then going north up the coast, you’ll see Marina del Rey, Venice, and Santa Monica, the region I’ve been hanging out in quite a bit.

Anyways, for many a morning while I’ve been in town, I’ve driven down to the marina and had a chance to enjoy the sailboats. 🙂

Sailboats in Marina del Rey

Sailboats in Marina del Rey

It’s nice to walk alongside the boats in the morning. They have a nice walkway there where you see people go running and walk their dog.

Closer to the sailboats in the marina

Closer to the sailboats in the marina

I’ve never really been into sailing, but it’s nice to watch people take their boats out on sunny days, whether they’re going solo, they’re with friends, or their dog is eagerly running around the boat. 🙂

Hanging Out in California

So here I am, shooting for the show pretty often and hangin’ out in CA for a little while as the insurance company is doing their thing in getting the claim processed and paperwork filled out (the car title was in both my name and my dad’s name so we had to do some snail mail work sending documents back and forth between CA and GA to get signed).

While I was here, I had the opportunity to explore all over the Los Angeles area, primarily hanging out in the Santa Monica/Marina del Rey/Venice area which is where we’re doing the shooting.

At night I’m either staying in youth hostels (there’s some really amazing ones and really crummy ones here), and overall it’s a wonderful experience as I get to make friends with people from all over the world, listen to different languages and accents, hear people’s stories, and so on. It’s a really rich experience and a very energizing environment in this sense.

Relaxing by the pool at the Backpackers Hostel

Relaxing by the pool at the Backpackers Hostel

I’m also at times staying with friends (either that I knew before or have met here) or I’m out camping. Camping is really nice and I’ve got a lot of photos from my hikes which will be shared in upcoming posts dedicated more specifically to that.

So speaking of things that I’ve done here, let’s jump right into the cool sights and scenery in and around LA, like oceanside sunset. 🙂

Sunset from Manhattan Beach

Sunset from Manhattan Beach

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