Sunset in Ojai from Meditation Mount

Sunset in Ojai from Meditation Mount

So one of my favorite bands, Here II Here, is currently on tour and were also headed to the Los Angeles area. I was stoked to go see them, especially since some of my friends were coming up from Arizona to come see them as well.

They were headed to a small town called Ojai (pronounced oh hi). It’s about 2 hours away from LA and has a number of spiritual communities and centers in it. As soon as I drove into town with my friends, I could FEEL the energy of this place and the way it resonated with my body was unlike anything I’d felt before. It felt really GOOD!

Here II Here in Ojai

So we get to Meditation Mount in Ojai where the band is performing and walk in to see the guys again and hang out a bit before they go up to perform. From the balcony where they were staying, the above picture shows the view around sunset. πŸ™‚ What a spectacular area… Can you spot the little buddha statue?

When it came time to perform, their manager Bryan went out to speak and introduce the band, and then the five musicians came out and performed in front of a packed room, with even people outside, as the sun set in the mountains behind them. It was really a wonderful time!

Here II Here performing in Ojai at Meditation Mount

Here II Here performing in Ojai at Meditation Mount

My friend Zee brought the lead singer Ash a delicious birthday cake with a 0 on it for the age. lol… Might as well be honest about being timeless beings! πŸ˜‰

After one of the songs, she brought him a cake, gave a little speech, and everyone sang him happy birthday. πŸ™‚

After their fantastic show and time spent with the crowd, we all headed back and hung out for a while. It was a lot of fun dropping out of the whole spiritual persona and just being regular ordinary people. Definitely nice. πŸ™‚

Staying at Krishnamurti’s

As we were getting ready to head out after 1am or so, one of the guys who was also hanging out invited me to come stay at his place and it turns out he was staying at the home of J. Krishnamurti, a famous indian spiritual teacher. Very cool!

Entrance to Krishnamurti's

Entrance to Krishnamurti's

There were Krishnamurti’s books and writings everywhere inside. It was a no meat place, with lots of healthy organic food and places to go rest and relax.

Seating area at Krishnamurti's

Seating area at Krishnamurti's

You could also go into his bedroom which had been converted into a meditation area, but it was locked in the morning when I went to go see it. Instead what I discovered outside was a whole grove of oranges! Yippee!!

Orange groves at Krishnamurti's

Orange groves at Krishnamurti's

All over Ojai you’ll find fields of oranges, lemons, and avocados. Yum!!

After spending just a little time taking it easy outside the building (lots of flies in CA), I headed off to go head back down to Pasadena where Here II Here would be performing that evening.

Along the way I talked to some of the local park rangers about places to camp and spend time in silence there and made a detour to go see Lake Casitas as well as the hoppin’ waterfront rv/car camping park.

There was a lot of people and activity there so I took off down a side route to go walk along the lake. It was a very pretty area.

Lake Casitas

Lake Casitas, Ojai, CA

Here II Here in Pasadena

Driving back down through Los Angeles and arriving in Pasadena, I met up with the group again and hung out before the show in a separate room where everyone relaxed, warmed up, talked, or did nothing. It was nice to have some quiet time away from the crowd and not have to do the whole social thing. lol…

This evening’s performance they decided to do without mics. It was in a smallish yoga room and so they decided to sing straight up. It made for a very intimate setting without the added amplification and was a nice new experience.

Here II Here perfoming at Yoga Kingdom in Pasadena

Here II Here perfoming at Yoga Kingdom in Pasadena

While there I also finally got to meet a facebook friend who, as it turns out, lives in Pasadena and actually attends classes at this very yoga studio. How cool!

After the show we all got to talk, spend time together, enjoy each other’s company, and eventually help the band load up the truck with equipment before saying our goodbyes and heading out to continue on.

There was something about Ojai though… I gotta go back… So until next time, here we are, going everywhere and nowhere, yet always being here, and witnessing the eternal journey unfold! πŸ™‚


  1. Jim Yandell
    on June 16th, 2010

    Jim from Long Beach California here. Yeah, Ojai has great energy and I love driving at slow speeds in my convertible through the orange groves. Read Krishnamurti as a youth (I’m 52 now), had a major insight at 22, then returned to the world. Then, I picked up THE SEARCH four years ago with the contemporary teachers, only to burn out on it. About the only so-called teacher I can tolerate anymore is John Sherman, based in Ojai!

  2. Mary
    on July 17th, 2010

    A, This is the concert my nephew was at — I’ll be the acoustic nature of this intimate gathering was powerful. HOW are you and WHERE are you??? Miss your presence, wisdom and energy but know you are well and digging those heels into the earth.

    LOVE, Mary

  3. Jimmy Bilimoria
    on August 14th, 2010

    hi ariel,
    i’m jimmy from india.. j.krisnamurty i read in my young days and found most captivating , a good philosopher eminating good energy .

    From just seeing the pics of Ojai .. i feel the energy you speak of fortunate you are all out there, to enjoy such freedom and peace in nature .. as in india .. specially north india where i come from .. things are not as they were once .. with the population boom .. the tranquility and cleanlyness that existed once in nature is no more ..

    yet, to look at the brighter side.. this helps in promoting intenal spiritual growth, tempting you to stay more ‘within’ than ‘out’; and gain more internal awareness rather be enamoured by external beauty and tranquility of nature .

    well …would like to hear how ure getting on in your spiritual quest .. traversing the ‘pathless path’ ..


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