Okay, so for ages I’ve been wanting to be part of a flash mob. There’s some amazing public improv/flash mob videos on youtube and it’s so much fun to watch ’em! I’ve also really enjoyed watching the behind the scenes footage and have been so eager to be a part of one. Well thanks to a comment on the pillow fight facebook event page, I found out about a Glee flash mob that was happening here and long story short, had LOADS of fun getting to be part of a ~1100-1200 person dancing mob here in Seattle! Now I’m hooked on these things… 😉

So the way this event was set up, rehearsal-wise, for several weekends prior to the event, we’d have rehearsals both Saturday and Sunday where we’d learn the moves and get a chance to dance them with a crowd. In the rehearsals, several hundred people would show up.

Additionally, there were a pair of youtube videos created so that we could learn/practice at home. The first video was an instructional video to help us learn the moves and choreography:

Once we got that down, there’s a second practice video where they’d play the music and we’d dance along with the choroegraphers:

One thing I LOVED about this event was that the people running the event were hilarious!! The point wasn’t to necessarily get everything down perfectly.. the main point was just to have FUN! The dancers instructing us were very talented and phenomenal teachers. I absolutely loved dancing with them (I’ve never done dancing before in my life) as well as being part of a group where so many people come together to create something epic and huge. 🙂

Alright, so finally it’s go-time. Let’s do this! On mob day, we were going to three individual mobs, each in different locations.

First things first, we all met up in a big field. It was stunning watch the people come pouring in! More and More and MORE!! Over a thousand people showed up… Wow.. 🙂

Dancing in rehearsals the day of

Dancing in rehearsals the day of

There was everything from gray haired guys to little kids… It was definitely a trip to be dancing along-side 7 year olds!! 😆

We wanted to move closer up to the front of the crowd so that’s what we did. Bobby (one of the choreographers) climbed up on the fence, monkey man style, and got a birds-eye view of the group.

Bobby watching over the massive crowd

Bobby watching over the massive crowd

After everyone signed photo/video releases, we got our instructions on where and when we’d be dancing. The first mob location would be on the grass right beside the Space Needle. The second location would be an outdoors shopping area called Westlake. The third location would be in Capital Hill, literally right on 10th street between Pike and Pine.

Heading over to the first location, a huge mass of people started congregating around the Space Needle, attempting to act all incognito. Turns out it’s hard to hide over a thousand people in plain sight… 😉

When the music finally clicked on, the first group of dancers (the A-team, as they were apparently called) started dancing. Then the next layer of dancers (the B-team) joined in. By this point the rest of the crowd would start joining in, watching.

The A-team and B-team dances at Seattle Center before the big crowd joins in as a news guy walks by

The A-team and B-team dances at Seattle Center before the big crowd joins in as a news guy walks by

Then the whole group started dancing… We literally were almost the entire crowd there by the Needle… it was crazy! and such an exhilarating feeling to be part of this magnitude of an event!!

After this dance, we all scattered and started walking over to the second location, Westlake. When we got here, I was getting a little hungry and there was this hot dog stand which served absolutely unbelievably delicious hot dogs!! I was so glad I ordered them. Plus when I was standing in line, the girl in front of me was treating one of her fellow flash mobbers to a dog. She said that she had just won a bunch of money on a game show and was sharing the love. Turns out she had just one $100,000 on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire!! Awesome! She seemed kinda bummed out that she didn’t win $250,000 since her guess would have been correct but she decided against it. Anyways, I was so happy to meet someone who’d gone on a game show and made a ton of money like that. 🙂 If you like, you can watch her on the show on youtube (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3).

As it came time for the second flash mob to start, it started to rain a bit. We had heard that there were going to be some surprises for the second mob… We found out that we’d have Lady Gaga there (a professional impersonator, not the actual performer… the impersonator was a dude actually, lol). Also, much to our surprise, there was a pair of little kids breakdancing right before the show! Cool! I pulled out my phone to take some video of them performing and whataya know, it wound up in the official flash mob video!! So without further ado, here’s the official flash mob video (same one at the very top of the post) that was created!!

After this event, we headed back up Capitol Hill to dance literally in the streets. 🙂 Leaving Westlake, I remember one fun scene was watching the Lady Gaga impersonator leave the event area. They put a jacket around him to try and cover him up a bit, but he was wearing a leotard so he was showing a lot of legs. With the wig and outfit, he totally looked like a chick. I remember him crossing the street leaving the place, and this one guy in a big truck slowed down to check out Lady Gaga. I don’t think he had any idea he was checking out another dude… 😆

So moving right along to the next site, we danced right in the middle of a street that they had cops block off for us. Awesomely, while scouring the various videos people were posting on youtube, I found a clip with both Anna and me dancing! We’re towards the right side of the frame, me in the red jacket with an orange camelback pack and her the cute purple scarfed brunette behind me in the black jacket.

Heading home afterwards, we were definitely tired…

But another surprise!! The next week we were going to do the mob again! This time at the University of Washington which, conveniently enough, is walking distance down the street from Anna’s place. Woohoo!!

We were instructed to wear red and hide out in the crowd before the event. This time a little over 200 people showed up, which is awesome for a follow-up mob. Given the smaller number of people, it was *much* easier for the mobbers to remain inconspicuous… 😉

We wanted to get in the front this time and were able to pull it off. Here’s a video someone posted of our mob at UW. When the big group jumps in, we’re just to the left of the A-team and B-team. I’m in a darker red jacket standing to the left of the girl in the purple (your left.. I’m technically to the right of her). To my right, your left, you’ll find Anna. 🙂

This was definitely a fun event, and I’m totally hooked on these things! One of the guys we met, who it turns out is a regular, has done 8 flash mobs of the past year! With rehearsals and performances, it look like these things go year-round!! 😀

This is actually the second year they’ve done a Glee-themed mob, and it seems the Glee mobs are always the biggest. While the other mobs seem to be around 150-300 people or so, last year’s mob too was over 1,000 people. Here’s the video of the 2010 Glee Flash Mob, also shot at Westlake Center. 🙂

A BIG BIG THANK YOU to Bobby, Beth, and Egan of One Degree Events for putting on this event, and to FUZE for giving us tons of free (actually very delicious) drinks to enjoy during rehearsals and the performances!!

This. Was. Awesome. 8)

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