You know, sometimes I’m just out doing my thing when it strikes me… Oh yeah! I’ve got a photoblog!

Rocky Horror Picture Show

Rocky Horror Picture Show

Once a month the run a live showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show in West Seattle, where they play the movie up on a screen like a traditional theater, but they have actors in costume acting out the movie at the same time. 🙂

This Halloween’s show was especially packed, with the audience all coming in dressed up as transvestites (thank you spell check), in skimpy shorts (Rocky), and in most anything imaginable. Just the audience members alone was worth it. 🙂

Then throughout the whole movie you have audience members shouting at the screen (funny comments relative to the movie), throwing rice in the air in the wedding scene, spraying water into the crowd when it’s raining, and even when they give a “toast,” throwing slices of bread into the crowd. 😀

I love random fun stuff like this… 🙂

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