Finding my True Identity, by Mario Duguay

“So Ariel, how was your day?”

“Oh you know, spent the morning looking at physical and non-physical beings sitting side-by-side, sold a car or two, drove home and had a conversation with the non-physical beings I’d seen earlier… It was cool.”

Yeah, so perhaps this blog is headed in a new direction as Ariel’s adventures head in a new direction. 🙂

This morning my general manager texts me and asks me to bring in my laptop for the morning sales meeting. I set up up and after we all watch a youtube clip on it in the morning, I go back to sit by my laptop, sitting across from everyone else in the room. As the meeting goes on, I can’t help notice that I’m seeing people’s auras today. (It’s definitely easier when they’re up against a white wall.)

While looking across the line of people, I notice that in between two of the people, I see another non-physical energetic being. It’s about the same size as a physical person, a little smaller, and basically like a big aura. The same lightless light, the same colorless glow, but an entire body of light rather than light around a physical body. A little pointy at the top of the head too, almost like a candle. I look at it, look away, look at it, look away. It’s still there. It’s right there in between two of my fellow salesmen.

Are my eyes playing tricks on me? I can definitely see it better with my peripheral vision, and as clear as day, there it is. A few minutes later it was gone. Just empty wall to look at.

Soon after, I notice yet another being actually seated in one of the chairs, apparently sitting in on our meeting. 😉 It was there for a few minutes until it too vanished.

Now you see it, now you don’t.

That was cool…

The day goes on, I have a good day at work, and on the drive back home, my mind asks curiously, “Who are you guys?”

Suddenly I feel an energy present, a very distinct energy, and it starts to flow in through my spine at the base of my neck.

Words start to flow. Not words that my mind are coming up with. Just words that start to flow through and Ariel’s mouth translate in the moment without thinking.

“I am you. I am an aspect of your own consciousness, appearing as another being to bring you back to yourself. At this stage of your journey, it would be better for you to recognize us as you, rather than as individual entities other than you. I am you.”

This energy I feel I instinctively recognize. I have channeled before briefly several times, and the energy I connect to has always identified itself as the I that I am. Not an alien, not a deceased person, not source energy. It identifies itself as I Am.

I suppose you could call it a more all-knowing aspect of myself. My higher self, if you will. I recognize the energy very clearly. It’s depth, it’s dimensionless solidity, its presence, its power, its openness, its strength. It’s what I am… and apparently it’s really wise. 🙂

It feels good. I like feeling this and having this pour through this body as what I Am.

Somehow, it feels right. Like this is how I’m supposed to live when what I really am is activated and functioning. 🙂


  1. Cynthya
    on March 2nd, 2012

    I understand what you mean when you say you recognize that energy. There are a few beings I have seen since childhood that I recognize to this day. I always feel more of a purpose when that side of myself is activated!

  2. Ann Morse
    on March 22nd, 2012

    It’s so nice to read about other people’s journey on this path. I have met similar energies although I don’t see them walking around. I feel their playful energy guiding me. It’s beautiful when stillness speaks.

    I look forward to reading more from you.

  3. Suesette
    on April 2nd, 2012

    Hi! I came across some of your videos on YOUTUBE, then found this. I really enjoy that you have shared so much of your experiences. I myself had an awakening a few months ago, and the way you describe Presence, awakening, etc., is so similar to what I have experienced. Even the words you use; they are exactly what I have used in my writings. It’s like I am looking at a mirror reflection of myself as I hear you speak. It’s so strange, but really cool! As a result, I felt called to write. Pretty awesome how the universe confirms our experiences through others. Our world mirrors where we are at in this “physical universe.”

    Just wanted to say thanks! I look forward to reading and seeing more videos!


  4. Jasper
    on April 18th, 2012

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