Dancing on TV as a Neon Elf

December 5, 2012 | Category: Events, Travel, Washington

So I see this message posted on facebook yesterday asking if anyone wants to be on TV and dance dressed as an elf. Um, obviously! 😀

So I drive downtown, park outside the TV studio, overhear some other people in the waiting area talking about flash mobs, and ask them if they’re here to be an elf too. Sure enough, yep!

So donning our provided wardrobe of neon tights and clothing, we hang out in the dressing area and goof around, eventually make our way backstage (and it’s amazing how much more stuff goes on behind the scenes and during commercial breaks compared to the little box of view you see on the TV screen), and when they call us out from behind the set, we get a bit of time to be goofy on TV.

Life is funny sometimes… 🙂

Skip to about 2:20 or so to skip right to when we enter. I’m the one wearing the green shirt (in the studio, not the one in the outdoor shots wearing green at the beginning of the video).

Everyone else there was a professional dancer or even teacher. Me, not so much… which makes the “What in the world am I doing!?” feeling extra scary and fun! 😀

By the way, did you know that things like leg hair and underwear shows right through tights? Yeah, neither did I… Thank goodness leg hair doesn’t show up on TV and we had shorts and long shirts to cover the rest. Oh the things you never see on television… 😉

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  1. Alan Boreham, Peter Jinks, Bob Rossiter
    on December 11th, 2012

    What a character you are! In our travels, our favorite part of the adventure is all the characters we get to meet. In fact, in our memoir, that’s where we focus: not on the places, not on what we did there, but on the people we met. Good for you for being potentially one of them!

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