Traveling vs. Settling Down

March 18, 2014 | Category: Travel, Washington

So it’s been a while since I’ve written here. It’s 2014 now and the last post I wrote here was in 2012. (Whoa.) I’ve traveled quite a bit… road tripped across the country, climbed glaciers in Alaska, climbed atop a radio telescope, helicoptered over huge mountains, etc., but I haven’t posted any stories or photos or videos up here. I’ve thought about it many times, but I’ve really wanted a break from the sense of obligation that I felt from having to share about everything.

After a lot of intense traveling, I felt the need to settle down and stay put for a while. It’s been a few years now and it hasn’t been exactly what I was expecting, so I feel like sharing a bit about the experience and what I have in mind next.

After nearly a year straight on the road, at the end of 2010, I wanted to settle down a bit. Here’s a video version of this part of the story.

It was great to stop traveling for a bit, to have my own bed to sleep in every night, to have a fridge for perishables and food, to have a place to charge my phone overnight instead of during the day while driving, to sleep in as long as I wanted, to have a shower whenever I wanted, etc. These are such gifts, such blessings. I don’t take them for granted.

The intense traveling became actually pretty stressful and I’d built up some fears and worries that made the whole thing less fun.

“Settling down” isn’t the end all be all either. It’s nice to have a home base and go out and travel for however long you want, then to come back home and relax from the adventure. I’m liking these smaller trips out now, having a home and traveling. Both. It goes back and forth.

We’re in the middle of moving right now. Glenn and I moved a BUNCH of our stuff into our new place here in the Seattle area. We signed a 6 month lease on a condo. The end of that lease coincides with the end of my car lease. I plan on giving the car back and traveling abroad.

I’m a big fan of traveling light and not having a lot of clutter and stuff, and it’s amazing how much stuff can still accumulate. Moving is wonderful in that you take a look at everything that you own and nothing is left hiding.

Glenn loading up the dolly

Glenn loading up the dolly

I’m refocusing my life back into a traveler’s mindset again. I’d like to go move abroad (perhaps New Zealand) and take basically just a backpack with my camera gear, laptop, some clothes, and not much else. Everything else, time to get rid of it. Sell, donate, or throw away. Having this clarity of what I want for my life, it’s so much easier to focus on where I’m heading and structure my life now accordingly.

The more I get rid of unnecessary stuff, the lighter I feel. The lighter I feel, the more I want to focus on the new life I’m creating. The more I want to move towards this new lifestyle, the more I want to get rid of stuff from the old. It keeps feeding on itself, growing and growing, getting better and better.

It’s very exciting, and I’m loving the journey.

I like having the time to plan things out at a more relaxed pace. I’ve got time to sell off the majority of what I own, to plan out what I want to see and do, to arrange plane tickets, take care of visas, renew my passport (which expires in 4 months), enjoy another summer here in Seattle (easily the most gorgeous time of the year here), and move forward in a way that feels more relaxed and easy in my body.

I’ve been learning all about video now, got some new cameras and gear, and have been enjoying creating fun movies.

I’m still finding out exactly what I want to create, but the overall idea is to directly experience and dive into the beauty the world has to offer, and to share this beauty back with the world. It can be done through video, through photos, through telling stories, and so on… it’s just about enjoying the journey.

So, I’m excited. I’m looking forward to everything that is to come, and I like the path that I’m on right now and how everything is unfolding.

Thank you so much, Life. I love you.

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