There’s a park nearby that’s right on the lake, so I took a trip out there for a few hours and shot the birds with my GoPro’s. I’m pretty happy with the result. 🙂 Take a look…

The woman you see at the very beginning, we talked for a couple hours while I was shooting (and often waiting for the birds to come on back after I set up the cameras in position). She’s there several times a week for several hours each time, and she’s been doing this for about 4 years now.

She knows all the birds by name, their personalities, their partners, who their parents are, how many children they have and how many are still around, and so on. The names she made up are pretty funny… all the ducks’ names start with the letter D and all the geese’s names start with the letter G. 😀

Shooting birds like this is tougher than I thought. They run away when you approach, so you have to set up your cameras where you want and then wait for them to get unscared and start mozying on back, hopefully doing something cool in front of the camera.

I had GoPro on a little tripod and with its three legs, it looked like a little animal. They were really standoffish from that one. The other camera was on a flat ground plate and looked like a big rock so they were more nonchalant about that one. Lesson learned! When shooting ducks, bring a tripod that doesn’t make your camera look like a potential threat! heh

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