I’m wanting to get into timelapse/video more now so I took half a day to drive around Seattle to scout for vantage points that would give me the views I want. Timelapse is interesting because once it’s going, you just kinda kick back and let it do its thing. Maybe put on some headphones and enjoy some tunes. Bust out a little dance party if you want. 🙂

For sunset I went to Kerry Park to do a day to night transition, my first serious attempt at one. Above is the video from the go. I shot for about an hour and a half. About a third of the way in I went to go move my parallel parked car real quick because a gap had opened up on either side too small for anything but a smart car to park in. If I moved it, it’d create an extra spot for someone else. When I was coming back, a little girl was trying to squeeze between my tripod and the fence while her family was taking pictures with this view in the background. She wound up bumping my tripod, effectively ruining my timelapse. I started trying to figure out how to correct it.. maybe making two timelapses and shifting one over slightly to compensate for the camera angle being shifted and make them match. Since this was mostly just a goof around test event, I decided to cut that section out altogether and just used the section after she kicked my tripod.

Note to self, if there’s little kids potentially walking around, stick around just in case!

Shooting the Space Needle

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