Happy Independence Day!! 😀


One of my fav. places to go for fireworks in Seattle for New Years or the 4th of July is Gasworks Park on Lake Union.

They have this big floating barge in the middle of the lake loaded up with firey awesomeness and so you can watch the show from all over the area. 😀

Not only that, but you’ve got smaller fireworks shows going on all over town.


You can walk down the street and there’s booms and pows and roman candles firing off. Very fun. 😀

Parking was really packed near the park as usual, so we parked a mile away and walked in.

Once we got into the park, it wasn’t as packed as I was afraid of. There were definitely tons of people, but it wasn’t shoulder to shoulder sardine style packed. There was still room to find a place to sit down or set up a camera which was fantastic.

As the sun set, the lighting conditions got much better for fireworks and so they definitely started to pop and become more visible on camera.


One thing I really liked about the fireworks was that there were all sorts of different styles and heights they’d shoot to. Sometimes they’d fly up sky high.


and sometimes they’d speckle and dance right over the barge.


Figuring out how to shoot them was fun too! Playing with the settings, doing some bulb exposure with a remote release to get the exact exposure duration I wanted (from the beginning to the end of the burst without too many overlapping explosions), and so forth. I haven’t shot much recently so it was fun to grab a camera and shoot a bit some more. 🙂


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  1. Arvind
    on July 6th, 2014

    Awesome display and superb photography.

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